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ZD Soft Screen Recorder Download
EditionPricePayment ButtonsComments
Std Edition $2,980 Buy Now Standard features: video recording, audio recording, taking screenshots, dynamic zooming, logo watermark, mouse cursor effects, standard APIs (DLL). Learn more...
Pro Edition $3,980 Buy Now Professional features: (Standard features) + live streaming, webcam overlay, webcam preview, video preview, capture region selection interface, countdown box, video codec configuration. Learn more...
Max Edition $4,980 Buy Now Maximum features: (Professional features) + customizable codec arguments, built-in settings dialog, settings management, ActiveX control (OCX). Learn more...
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  • The license fee is one-time cost (no monthly / yearly cost) royalty-free for unlimited distribution!
  • The licensed SDK will not add our official watermark in recording videos any more.
  • If you buy any SDK product you will get free tech support via emails within 30 days.
  • For sales inquiries, please contact us.

FAQs about buying ZD Soft Screen Recorder SDK

Q: Is it secure to pay on your website?

A: Of course yes, it is. Your payment will be processed by certified secure online payment gateways such as 2Checkout and PayPal. We don't have access to your financial info. And the transaction will be encrypted and transmitted via SSL connections. It's 100% secure.

Q: When can I receive my license key after I pay?

A: Instantly, when your payment is complete, our registration system will automatically send you an email with your license key in it. Occasionally the email might go to your SPAM folder mistakenly. So, please also check your SPAM folder if your license key is not arrived in a timely manner. Or you may click here to retrieve it manually.

Q: I have bought your SDK. Can I use it in more than one project?

A: Yes, you can use the licensed SDK in one or more projects of yours or your team's. Sharing your license key with others is not allowed. If you are not sure whether the way you use the SDK license is legitimate, please contact us for advice.

Q: If I buy your SDK, will I receive it in a DVD / CD?

A: No, you won't. Online download is the most efficient way to deliver software to users today. And our SDK is very small that can be downloaded in seconds. So we believe online download is the best way to deliver our SDK to users. If you need a backup copy, you may burn the SDK to a DVD / CD yourself.

Q: Does the SDK license validation require an internet connection?

A: No, the SDK license validation never accesses internet. You call the SDK license validation API prior to any other SDK APIs to enable your license. Your license key is hard-coded in your project and will work with every instance everywhere, no internet connection is required.

Q: I lost my license key. How to get it back?

A: Don't worry. It's easy to get your license key back yourself. There is a license key retrieval page on our website. There you can enter your original order email address to retrieve your license key. If you don't remember your original order email address or it's no longer valid, please contact us for help.