ZD Soft Screen Recorder SDK Quick Start

Getting started quickly with ZD Soft Screen Recorder SDK in C++ Builder

  1. Download and unzip the SDK package to a temporary directory, e.g.
  2. Copy the SDK's dynamic link libraries to your project's .exe folder:

    copy the file and the folder
    IMPORTANT: you need to copy the entire folder ScnLib.DLLs (not only the files in it) to your project's .exe folder, and DO NOT change the folder name.

  3. Copy the SDK's API header and library files to your project's source files folder:

    copy the files
    C:\Temp\ScnLib\lib\C++ Builder\x86\ScnLib.lib
    Or you may add the SDK include/lib directories into your project's Additional Include/Library Directories.

  4. Include the SDK's API header and import library in one of your project source files like this:
    #include "ScnLib.h" #pragma comment(lib, "ScnLib.lib")
  5. In a proper place of your source code, initialize the SDK and then start your first recording:
    ScnLib_Initialize(); ScnLib_SetVideoPathW(L"C:\\Hello\\World.mp4"); ScnLib_StartRecording();
  6. A while later, stop the recording and then uninitialize the SDK:
    ScnLib_StopRecording(); ScnLib_Uninitialize();

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